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The Baby Boomer Market

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Baby Boomers lead to Booming Real Estate Profits

Baby Boomers currently make up a tremendous portion of our population, with most of them reaching retirement over the next 15 years. Research has shown that a big percentage of these Boomers plan to move away from their current location, and are looking to move to areas with warmer climates and a better level of living (which is the Southwest and Southeast portions of the United States). Another factor involved is that a large number of these Boomers are well off financially and have the needed money to relocate and invest in a new home or even a second home.

Armed with this knowledge, real estate investors can utilize it to their advantages. Here are some items to remember before deciding on a new real estate investment property.

  • The best way to minimize risk it to invest in an area that Boomers will want to live in. These of the most popular areas include Florida, North Carolina and Arizona.

  • If you find and invest in a real estate opportunity in an area that you are confident will attract Boomers, hold on to it. Even if prices drop, the demand the Boomers will create will drive up the price of your investment as the supply drops.

  • How long will it take to see a return on an investment? There is no way to truly know, but looking at the sheer number of Boomers, it appears as if there should be at least a 15 year period of favorable market conditions.

  • For those looking to invest in this Boomer market, but want to get in and out within a couple of years brings up certain obstacles. To make this happen, the investor must make their investment, and then have their property suddenly in the eyes of the Boomers. This requires the property to be marketed by someone else.

  • Remember, there are risks involved when looking for a short term investment. When investing in the proper location, you allow yourself the option of selling early or holding on to the property for the long term.

  • The best properties to invest in are the places you would like to retire in. Is the property around amenities like golf courses, lakes, mountains, etc? What is the climate like?

This Baby Boomer market is a unique opportunity, and one we believe will provide tremendous real estate investing opportunities for at least the next 15 years.

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