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Preconstruction Homes in Central Florida

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Investment Duplexes and Homes in Southwest Florida

Only $5,000 out-of-pocket
Investment Duplexes

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680 or greater FICO
$20,000 verfied assets
4 active accounts on credit history
2 year history of mortgage or rental verifiable
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Regional Economic Growth

Job Rich Region

Florida's Hot Job Market

Executive Employee Outlook

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Royal Highlands / Spring Hill

Hernando County

Central Florida

Citrus County

Tampa Bay Area

Southwest Florida

Fort Myers

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Additional Investment Info
The Baby Boomer Market

Boom in the Prices for Homes

Florida is #1 for Relocation
Florida has "The Triple Crown"

Investment Duplex Cost, Payment, & Profit Scenarios

Option #1

Construction-Perm Duplex Loan 5/6 ARM Interest Only After Completion:
    Property Value Prior to Construction = $321,000.00

    Estimated Value After Construction = Minimum $335,000.00 *Assuming 5% Appreciation

    Loan Amount: $272,850.00

    Total Out of Pocket Up Cost = $5,000.00 (Deposit to Builder and Closing Cost)

    Payment Based On 7.0% Interest Only (*Includes, Tax on Unimproved Land, & Mortgage Insurance) = $1,776.69

    *Profit / Equity Before Completion = $43,700.00

    *Profit/ Equity After Completion = $57,700.00 + $1,476.00(projected 12mon rental income of $1,900.00 per month ) - $1,779.69 = $123.31 per month. *cash flow

    Total = $59,176.00

Option #2

After Completion Refinance Into An Option ARM:
    Estimated Value After Construction = Minimum $335,000 *Assuming 5% Appreciation

    Loan Amount: $279,100.00

    Closing Costs & Prepaid Items =$5,198.00

    Payment Based On 2.25% Option Payment (*Includes, Tax on Unimproved Land, & Mortgage Insurance) = $1,208.08

    Profit / Equity = $55,900.00 + $8,303 (Projected 12mon. Rental Income Based Off of $1,900.00 per month - $1,208.08 = $691.92 per month *cash flow

    Total = $64,203.00

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