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Florida New Home Buyer Rebates

Preconstruction Homes in Central Florida

Only $2,000 out-of-pocket
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Investment Duplexes and Homes in Southwest Florida

Only $5,000 out-of-pocket
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How to Qualify
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¤ 680 or greater FICO
¤ $20,000 verfied assets
¤ 4 active accounts on credit history
¤ 2 year history of mortgage or rental verifiable
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Area Info
¤ Regional Economic Growth

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¤ Top 15 Metro Area

¤ Royal Highlands / Spring Hill

¤ Hernando County

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¤ Citrus County

¤ Tampa Bay Area

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Additional Investment Info
¤ The Baby Boomer Market

¤ Boom in the Prices for Homes

¤ Florida is #1 for Relocation
¤ Florida has "The Triple Crown"

Florida Preconstruction Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much out-of-pocket money will this entire application and property purchasing process require?

  2. Where are these homes being built?
    Hernando County, the City of Brooksville, in a thriving area called Royal Highlands, which is located off the new Sun Coast Parkway, connecting this area directly to metro Tampa.

  3. What kinds of homes are being built?
    High Quality Concrete Block, Single Family Homes ranging from 2,000 to 3,200 square feet in size.

  4. Will I have to make any payments during the construction period?
    No, the interest payments are rolled into the construction loan.

  5. What Type of Loan is used for the purchase?
    Construction to Permanent Loan; a Construction loan will be used to finance the purchase of your building lot, home construction, construction financing, along with closing costs to establish your final permanent mortgage. Zero payments are required during construction. Once the construction of your home is complete and the home is delivered, your loan will modify from a construction loan to a permanent mortgage loan. The entire process will be one seamless transaction. The Builder will take draws against the construction money at various stages of completion. The money is held securely in escrow the entire time to ensure the builder is not paid until predetermined stages are both completed and inspected.

  6. Do I have to sell my home when it's done?
    At completion you can sell your home and harvest the built up equity or rent it out for cash flow. For those who plan to sell, it can be marketed 3 months prior to completion. Of course, a buyer or renter can not be guaranteed, however every effort will be made.

  7. How easy will it be to resale or rent the property once it is built?
    Selling or renting your home is a process. It's crucial to hire an experienced local professional Realtor who is both ethical and knows where to advertise your home. We have Realtor's in place for the areas that are very familiar with the program who can handle your resale or rental process on your behalf.

  8. Why buy in Florida?
    Florida is, has been and should continue to be one of the hottest real estate markets in the country by any measure. Some of the reasons include; tremendous growth rates, property appreciation rates (15% - 35 % annually), baby boomer migration trends and availability of undervalued land.

  9. How many homes can I purchase?
    Currently, at least one home in each individual’s name. Multiple units can be purchased depending on ones overall strength of financials. You are free however to partner up with friends, family or business associates for additional units if necessary.

  10. Can I use my own lot, city, lender or builder?
    No, this unique program only works because of the extensive screening, quality and caliber of the players involved. Most true investor's appreciate the simplicity of the entire process.

  11. Are there schools, hospitals, banks, gas stations, highways, supermarkets and parks nearby?
    Most Certainly! These homes are NOT in the middle of nowhere. All the expected modern commercial businesses are within close proximity that is common to most neighborhoods.

  12. What amenities are offered in these developments?
    These lots are not located in a deed restricted neighborhoods. Most lot are approximately ˝ an acre in size.

  13. Where's the catch - this sounds to good to be true?
    Many variables must be present for this special investment program to work. Currently, we have a window of opportunity, how long it will last is unknown. Take advantage while you can, it would be extremely challenging to find a better preconstruction opportunity anywhere.

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